/ prahym / I. of the best possible quality; excellent.

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Healthy Aging
Mitochondrial Health
DNA Stability
Helps Support a Normal
Inflammatory Response
Helps Modulate Oxidative Stress
Brain and Cognitive Health
as We Age
Supports Hair Growth

Customer Reviews

I definitely felt the difference when I took my first dosage and will likely use this again on my next marathon training cycle/race!

- Verified Customer

This works like crazy and is backed by science. I’m lifting heavier weights for more reps which is not only awesome in and of itself, but this will cause muscle growth or hypertrophy. I highly recommend this product.

- Verified Customer

This is by far the BEST pre gym supplement I have ever taken. The increased stamina and recovery between sets are INSANE! I can workout two to three hours HARD on this supplement with ease.

- Verified Customer

I tried this product as a pre-workout boost. I felt more energized during my workout and I felt less drained afterwards as well. I plan to continue using it

- Verified Customer

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